Be comforted; your book can find its own way . . .

The Ash House made it’s debut in August 2021. The Diva went on zoom and talk shows, had a blog tour and received 4+ stars on Goodreads. But, despite the warm response a big hit she was not! It was a little disappointing, but what was I to do. I’d a new MS to work … Continue reading

Time to empty

When the universe says …

A cautionary tale and lessons learnt

Dangerous things one shouldn’t do in the kitchen.

Writers I read: The formidable Meihan Boey on writing and Asian Gothic

Meihan Boey’s ‘The Formidable Miss Cassidy‘ has been making waves. It’s the winner of the 2021 Epigram Books Fiction Prize and has just snagged one of 3 spots on the Singapore Books Award shortlist for Best Literary Work. The novel is a truly delicious Singaporean rojak featuring a Scottish governess who’s more than she seems, … Continue reading

Books I read: A take on some best-sellers from my to-read pile

Have you ever puzzled over bestseller lists and wonder why you’re not just ‘getting’ some of the new trends? Well, here’s my latest list … What can I say. It’s a matter of taste., that’s what.

How a catholic feminist embraces both questions and creed?

Not ‘either/or’ but BOTH Catholic AND Feminist, BOTH Pro-choice AND Pro-life

Today is International Domestic Workers Day: Does Anyone Care?

Just in case it slips our collective minds, here’s a reminder – June 16th is International Domestic Workers Day. It’s been over a decade since the day came into being. Here’s why we should care. Because – Domestic work is work and domestic workers, like other workers, are entitled to decent work. Because – International … Continue reading

Books I Read: Some stuff I took off my to-read pile (1)

I’ve been offline recently, and wonderfully productive as a consequence! Here’s part (1) of the list I took off my to-read pile, with notes on whatever wisdom I’ve gleaned. Hopefully, you’ll have a more profitable time with the gems and avoid some of the duds. SingLit YA I don’t usually read YA, but I’m so … Continue reading

Books I Read: Everything and more about the two sides of our brains

The reality of vascular damage and gradual dementia raised urgent questions. It was time to learn more. Hence, The Master and the Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist; the first quarter of which I found instructive and well worth reading.

What’s tang yuan got to do with the COP?

Today is Tong Zhi, the peak of winter. Up north in China, where some of my ancestors originated, they’ll be looking forward to longer days and shorter warmer nights. It’s an expectation they’ll celebrate with tang yuan, sticky rice balls slathered in syrup. And, over here in my Little Red Dot on the equator, I’ll … Continue reading