The Ash House: Advance Review Copies are here

Ash House, will be released on 15th August. The cover’s been revealed. The advance review copies are ready. Now, all we need is your eyes and time, to help the story venture into the world.

Re-Posting: Yvonne Adhiambo and A God Who Wails and Dances

One can’t help but shout out when all the stars align. A conversation between Erika Koss and a writer I respect, with mention of a book I loved, in a quarterly journal I devour the moment it comes online, then savour again at my leisure when the hardcopy arrives. It would be selfish to keep … Continue reading

Books I Read: All Chinese don’t look alike

Darned good read and thought provoking social commentary.

Books I Read: A Different Kind of Unease

Two chilling books about the exercise of power in an administrative state

‘Do it or I’ll slap your black face!’

Did someone actually say – ‘Do it or I’ll slap your black face!’

Do Barbie Dolls creep you out?

When it comes to the creep out factor, Barbie dolls rule!

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I’ve finally got the timeline for my next book The Ash House. It’s about a pipa-playing ghost who haunts a Chinese merchant family, and the clairvoyant nun who’s been sent to set them free. With something like that, I’m pretty sure people will be asking if I’m just spinning a yarn, or if I’m writing … Continue reading

Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no?

Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no? Well, life is beautiful, and life is hard. Should we err on the side of supporting someone, or judging her?

Coming to Grips (3)

Those who leave, come back. That’s what the old stories say. You didn’t come back though. Not physically anyway.

Coming to Grips (2)

Coming to grips. Learning to grieve. No tears isn’t well done. It’s unnatural. But it’s too late. What emerges are mis-shappened hollows; still-born children incapable of crying out…