Caught in the rain!

Be careful what you wish for. Nothing is a perfect circle. That’s life. How we wished for rain the week before! A deluge of blessed beautiful water would put out the fires in Sumatra and  wash down all the smog particles floating in our air. It would put to rest our worries about the haze returning once … Continue reading

Breathable air – A basic need I didn’t appreciate till last week

The worst haze since 1997 is choking us all up in Singapore. At 12 noon on Friday 21st June, the Pollutant Standard’s Index hit 401 in Singapore, the highest in Singapore’s history. The PSI, which measure sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and particulate matter of 10 microns or less in the atmosphere, exceeded … Continue reading

Sarah says – Yes! I’m a Christian Feminist (reblog)

Christianity and Feminism should not and are not at odds. Here’s a great affirmation about Christianity and Feminism from Sarah Bessey at She Loves Magazine  

All change – I’m a writer!

“I’m a writer.” Not a corporate steward who writes in her spare time, not a dilettante dabbling with words, not an empty-nester who needs to express in an amateur way … No, it’s time to put away those phrases that belittle my craft, indeed my mastery of that craft. Yes, I am a writer. Plainly… Simply… Boldly… Paralyzingly… A writer! I have … Continue reading

Dieting or writing – we still need to outwit our reptilian brains

Just in case you’ve forgotten … There’s more than the one brain between our ears, and they’re constantly battling with each other. Successful dieting and writing requires outwitting our ancient reptilian brains. Our writing-dieting selves like to think we’re all frontal lobe, all about visioning, reasoning, planning and problem solving. But hidden deep in the centre of … Continue reading


A gift for your friends! Learning to Fly is FREE on Amazon THIS WEEKEND ONLY\ Pay nothing to download the book In Sydney and Melbourne : From 5.00 pm Saturday June 8th to 4.59 pm Monday June 10th In Perth :  From 5.00 pm Saturday June 8th to 4.59 pm Monday June 10th In … Continue reading

Sometimes Music is Better …

My father sent this to me. It’s simple, some might say hackneyed. I think it’s beautiful and it’s true. If you believe that we’re all the same under the skin, listen to what this young girl’s saying with her amazing voice. Jackie Evancho – Singing “That You Hear the Cries and Listen to Each Prayer” Have … Continue reading

Critiquing Can Make You a Better Writer… and Person

If you critique other writers work, your own writing improves. Everyone knows that. But can critiquing make you a better person? In my experience, it can. See my guest post at Joe Bunting, The Write Practice. This is a great community for anyone who’s serious about practicing their craft in a safe community. I’m proud … Continue reading