A Singaporean Identity – Constance Singam, the epitome of true grit

For me, Constance Singam the Singapore feminist and civil society activist, is the epitome of true grit Brought up in a patriarchal South Indian Catholic household, almost promised off to a Kerala Indian boy in the next village when she was twelve, married for love soon after her first job to an older man and … Continue reading

People are blogging about Heart Bones

Clara Freeman and Molly Grabowski do really interesting reviews of other books too. Please do go over there for a look at what they said about Heart Bones and all their other reviews – Thank you Clara – http://clara54.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/author-spotlight-audrey-chin-talks-about-her-new-book-and-brings-a-gift/ Thank you Molly – http://mismatchedbookends.blogspot.sg/2013/11/meet-audrey-chin-author-of-as-heart.html  

Traditional Popiah Redux

Blogging at the fabulous Spoonwiz site today – http://www.spoonwiz.com/traditional-po-piah-redux/ Yet another paean to popiah (my favourite dish)  

A week both sweet and bitter

I’m exhausted from the week that was but thought I should check in with everyone just to let you know how everything’s been. It was seven days of both sweet and bitter. Sunday November 2nd –  I attended my first literary festival event as a panelist. I was euphoric seated between two world famous award winning writers. … Continue reading

Pitching Heart Bones to movie producers Tuesday night!

These are the bones of the story. Please let them speak to you as I pitch … What do you think? Will material artefacts add to or detract from my pitch? Love to have your tips;)

On The Dirt Road to Dystopia with Nadeem Aslam and Kim Young Ha

What is Dystopia? Does the Road to Dystopia need to be made of dirt? Are our modern and comfortable societies already on the road to Dystopia? These were the weighty questions thrown at a panel I was featured on at a Singapore Writer’s Festival, together with literary eminents Nadeem Aslam and Kim Young-Ha, and moderated by experienced Hong Kong journalist Steven McCarty. http://www.singaporewritersfestival.com/author-details/nadeem-aslam … Continue reading