A Singaporean Identity – A Singaporean Malay Muslim woman shows up to make a difference

My friend, Saleemah Ismail, showed up in my life in 2003 when she became a volunteer at the Singapore chapter of Unifem (now renamed UN Women). She went on show up in regional women’s affairs, spearheading Unifem’s advocacy work for trafficked women in the region. As President of Unifem Singapore between 2006 and 2011, and … Continue reading

Quick note from London

April has proven to be the cruelest month … Not so much for the weather but for the cruelties that we humans inflict on each other and the indiscriminate force of technology when it’s uncontrolled. The week started with the senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon. Arriving in London on Wednesday, I ran into Margaret … Continue reading


We’ve moved on to Stage 2 of the Singapore Conversation. We’re talking about specific issues regarding Singapore identity and culture now. Here’s my 2 bits’ worth: A Singapore identity must evolve organically. It’s not about flags and the national anthem. It’s about the lives we live, who we are. It’s about Singaporeans creating a body … Continue reading

The Difference between Religion and Spirit – A look through Burmese Lenses

Someone told me yesterday I was getting too religious and hence difficult to get along with. That certainly caused me to go look in the mirror and consider my shortcomings. I was hoping that deeper spiritual growth would mean a kinder gentler me. Obviously, this person didn’t think so. Possibly, in my pursuit of beauty, … Continue reading