Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no?

Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no? Well, life is beautiful, and life is hard. Should we err on the side of supporting someone, or judging her?

Coming to Grips (3)

Those who leave, come back. That’s what the old stories say. You didn’t come back though. Not physically anyway.

Coming to Grips (2)

Coming to grips. Learning to grieve. No tears isn’t well done. It’s unnatural. But it’s too late. What emerges are mis-shappened hollows; still-born children incapable of crying out…

Coming to Grips (1)

Coming to grips with death

SWF 2000 takeaway from U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K Smith

U.S. poet laureate Tracy K Smith plans to position her broad and diverse readership at the periphery of her next discourse. Singapore Writers Festival, in conjunction with the US embassy in Singapore, had the privilege of hosting 2017 US poet laureate Tracy K Smith at the ongoing 2020 festival. The wide-ranging conversation with Lawrence Ypil … Continue reading

Desperate times call for desperate paddling

This week’s headlines haven’t been encouraging – Chinese political appointments, White House firings, school shootings, old Russian spies falling like flies, fake news threats and reactive legislation, fish strangled by plastic bags, weirder and weirder weather And nothing I can do about any of it except Doodle something Write something some days are like dogs … Continue reading

On Self-Censorship, OB Markers and Beyond

Last week, I made a hole in a fence I put pen to paper and asked – what if? I said- I’m part of the family but … I said – I’m not accepting this. Guess what? No bolts of lightning fell from the sky to strike me dead. No one came to excommunicate me. … Continue reading

What if we don’t need saving from original sin?

Thoughts after reading Danielle Shroyer’s Original Blessing: Putting Sin in its Rightful Place Original sin is a big deal in conventional Christian circles, a huge hurdle for modern day seekers to clamber over. Even I, a practicing Catholic and professing Christian, find the notion uncomfortable. Indeed, the premise we’re all born fundamentally faulty and so … Continue reading

What if all creation?

I always get a bit of a spiritual high during Lent. Perhaps it’s all that incense at the church services. Or maybe it’s just the season. Whatever, I’ve been thinking about the one-ness of everything. About the “love your neighbour as yourself” thing. The even more radical “love your enemies and pray for those who … Continue reading

A Father’s Day Reflection on Family, Citizens and Office Holders

When the first Facebook posting of the Lee family’s disputes appeared, my interest was piqued. Then came the ripostes from the Prime Minister and I became confused. It’s a veritable reality TV show now and I’m alarmed. As with all developments in life, including our national life, this is an opportunity to learn.  It is … Continue reading