All about lingering at damyanti’s

It’s coming up to the end of October, to Halloween and all things ghostly and lingering. What better time to share some scary good tips about writing haunted house stories, gleaned from the best haunted house classics.

Turning 64 – 3 changes, 2 wishes and 1 question

Tunring 65, contemplating dementia and wishing for a better more seeing Singapore

Reviews are coming in, but we need more…

Proceeds of The Ash House will be shared with the abused domestic workers shelter at HOME. We’re aiming for 100 reviews or ratings to move our Goodreads visibility up to the next level, and help with sales. While we’re getting up there in little steps, it would be nice if we could go faster. So please… Every little bit helps. Do download a Free Digital ARC and leave us a rating.