Tonight I’m a swinging 56

I have a confession: this evening I went swinging. I’ve no excuses and I’m not sorry.. They’d put in a new swing set in the park, one big enough for a small adult to use. It’s probably not allowed. And no sane adult would try it during the day, when all the kids are about. … Continue reading

Greater love than this …

It’s Easter this weekend. This weekend I’m celebrating love. It began on the Thursday evening with a remembrance that true leadership requires bending low, in service to those we lead. Today, Youngest and I went to church to commemorate a crazy, unimaginable dying by a man who said he was God, someone who claimed to be dying for all of us. … Continue reading

Immensely grateful to be a daughter of Singapore

It may be unfashionable but I’m shouting it out anyway –  It’s good being a daughter of Singapore. It’s something to be immensely grateful for. I had flown from the Little Red Dot to the North Eastern USA for a wedding and then a book reading in Virginia. Unexpectedly, my country offered me a launch in their … Continue reading