We don’t eat turkey …   Not because we’re vegetarians unfortunately. Unfortunately just because I can’t cook it well and our oven’s too small for the gigantic bird we’d need for all our guests.  Anyway for us, it’s the gathering of people that matterFirst things first – the people who’ll be there By and large boat … Continue reading

A Singapore Thanksgiving – Should we be content with small blessings?

This is a city of small blessings Some say this with disdain. But what’s not to love about buses and train systems that more or less work, even if they’re  stuffed to the gills; water that comes out of the faucet drinkable; drains that drain 360 out of 365 days a year. In November the rains … Continue reading

A Singapore Thanksgiving – The Monday before

It’s a boat person’s festival that’s why… When we lived in the US, it was a public holiday, an opportunity for far flung too busy friends and relatives to get together. With memories of the war and of hunger still stalking them, my husband’s people commemorated this American migrant feast with the solemnity of ancestral anniversary days. … Continue reading

Why I haven’t been posting OR What I’ve learnt about priorities

It’s been almost a month since I last posted.  I’ve no excuses. I just collapsed under all the multi-tasking I’ve been trying to do. It would have been easier if I wasn’t so keen on maintaining my boundaries … to only write about certain things on this blog. Then I might have let it all spill over, … Continue reading