Anyone Can Be a Poet…

Including me! One of my readers, Joe Bunting asked me to do a guest post on writing poetry. I could only respond in the same way my Peranakan auntie did when I asked her how she concocted her heavenly sambal udang belimbing –  she made me watch while she cooked; I watched myself as I began to string … Continue reading


Image Credit: TS Rogers I had a nightmare about pacmen shooting at me; they were shouting – Resistance is futile! resistance is futile.   Clearly the product of a fevered brain that’s spent too much time trying to write both the fall of Vietnam and September 11th into the same chapter!  I needed a break. This is what came out … Continue reading

Girls day out

I’m a blur mother, the kind that fed baby food into my daughter’s ear while chatting to three other women. But I wasn’t a total lost cause. When Girl was growing up, I did fuss about where she went, what she wore while she was out, who she’d be with, what time she’d be getting home. … Continue reading

Flash of Lightning

Like any other big city, you can’t ever find a taxi at rush-hour in my city. And of course the buses don’t move when there’s gridlock. That leaves the trains. I don’t take the trains much. I don’t like the feeling of being stuffed into a metal container like a sardine. But I had to the other … Continue reading