Is population growth a Ponzi scheme – my take

It’s a good question. A friend sent around this thinking point as a response to the population white paper released today. It’s the title of a paper by Joseph Chamie in The Globalist, written on March 04, 2010 (appended below) Personally I think Mr. Chamie’s paper is a bit of a rant. But, his question raises 2 valid points: (1)    … Continue reading

One-on-one with a Punggol Voter

There have been a slew of comments on why the Punggol by-elections turned out the way they did. I’m not going to add anything to the debate with more theory. Instead, I’ll offer a conversation with a Punggol voter, a flash-back to a one-to-one we had on cooling off day. Madam T. has lived in a 3 … Continue reading

8D7N All Taiwan -What I really got out of it

After all those markets, all that scenery what I really took away from the 8D7N was simply this – What’s our’s The areca clad hills scrolling past the windows The marbled gorge The fertile land We can’t own it Nor even the hours Half drugged on tour guide prattle Haggling and buying Clicking away We pass … Continue reading

Taiwanese street markets (2) – The bottom half of the 8D7N list

Just so you don’t waste your time in Taiwan I thought I should complete this post before going on to more Singapore timely events. We gave this market a miss – Shilin Night Market Shilin is the famous night market in the capital city Taipei. However, it’s become a victim of urban regeneration and has been cleaned … Continue reading

Want to experience a Taiwanese street market? The best 4 on the 8D7N All Taiwan Tour

As promised, here’s more on Taiwan. Street markets, especially night markets. have been part of Chinese culture for over a thousand years. Most Chinese historical movies have street market scenes where heroes and villains meet to plot. And indeed, this is why night markets were heavily regulated when Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese. Independent … Continue reading

Are you essentially Chinese? The 8D7N All Taiwan Test

Apparently not, according to Mrs. L. Not even after an 8D7N All Taiwan All Mandarin immersion into Chinese culture. “You’re such a xing something something…” she said as she shoved me away, aghast. I’d just given her a big heartwarming bear hug. She’d looked out for me the whole trip, making sure I went on … Continue reading

My own place at last… at 55!

I have my own writer’s website at last –! It’s taken me a whole week to get it up, including a widget for subscribing to updates by email, a link to buy my hardcopy books at Select Books Asia and to download my e-books at Amazon. I’m no end chuffed about it. My body’s been telling me it’s … Continue reading

Three Things Those Foreign College Students Can Give Us

IT MAKES YOUR BLOOD BOIL DOESN’T IT? The number of university spaces we’re giving to foreign students from South East Asia? The fact they’re getting loans with better terms than our local kids? It isn’t fair, I’ll grant. But, it’s not the students’ fault for wanting to better themselves. And if the schemes are there, … Continue reading