Should you quit your job to write full time? Writer’s Digest has just published agreat article by Jeff Yeager on the ten questions to consider before you quit your jobs to write full time You can find all ten questions by clicking on the link above. Question #3 is – Do you have a sensible financial plan … Continue reading

Writing – A mirror to our selves

We all need mirrors to see ourselves. Without reflection, we are just unconsidered action and reaction.  It’s only when we sit and stare, that we see what we’re made of, how we’ve made ourselves. Writing is a great mirror for reflection. Words staring us in the face bring us face to face with what we’ve … Continue reading

Between time and money

.I wrote a post the other day about how a diagnostic profiling tool called Emergenetics could help improve communications dramatically. It elicited a really thoughtful question – Would talking to people according to profile remove the complexity of human interaction. A counsellor I knew commented on Facebook that he would be wary of diagnostic tools … Continue reading

Better Communication with Emergenetics Profiling

Are you constantly misunderstood at work?  Does your boss think  you’re too emotional? Do you think he’s too into the nitty-gritty?  What’s with everyone at the office? What’s with the clients? Should you change jobs? You’ve always been able to get yourself across with your friends and family. Why isn’t everyone on the same wave … Continue reading


     My friend and I went to visit her husband in the hospital. He’s been there a month now, in a coma. When we were done, I dropped her off at the bottom of her apartment block and waited for her to get into the elevator. What was it like when she opened the door, … Continue reading

Rejection sucks … Let’s get rejected!

Life gives us enough rejections. No point getting more than our fair share of hurt. Why go looking for grief? If you do, you might be pleasantly surprised, Jacqueline Boone tells us in her wonderful blog on Rejection Therapy at If we don’t ask, we don’t get. Because we fear rejection, we don’t ask … Continue reading

Elegy – July 4th in Alaska

We went to Alaska for the summer. It’s beautiful country. For someone from Singapore, too big to grasp. We had time, so much time. And space. In the space/time between one national park and another, as the snow capped mountains and the midget pine trees rolled past our glass domed train, this story surfaced. It’s fiction … Continue reading