How a catholic feminist embraces both questions and creed?

Not ‘either/or’ but BOTH Catholic AND Feminist, BOTH Pro-choice AND Pro-life

Heart Bones reviewed at Stories Worth Sharing

Thank you for the review Mirel Abeles. Mirel writes at Stories Worth Sharing and her stories are definitely worth reading. Find out more about Mirel’s stories here: And yes, her review for Heart Bones is here:

Does your writing transcend culture?

I thought I was a global person but it turns out I’m not … My novel As the Heart Bones Break is making its debut globally at Singapore Writer’s Festival in November. Well, almost globally. Singapore based international publisher Marshall Cavendish has the rights to everywhere except North America. I’m a global Asian. Jennifer’s Asian-American. … Continue reading

Writers I read – Writing in English, essentially Vietnamese

Nguyen Trong Hien is the author of Village Teacher, a novel which offers a refreshing look at a Vietnam rarely featured in English language fiction. Why I chose to interview Hien Village Teacher struck me immediately as a different and exquisite piece of Old Vietnam. Set in the early years of French colonisation, it is on … Continue reading

Syria… September 11… Why they matter to me

I live in Singapore,  7,800 kilometres away from Syria and 15,400 kilometres from New York City. I’m black haired and under five feet tall. I don’t have an American accent or a navy blue passport, so its unlikely I’ll be shoved overboard a ship or thrown off a plane in the event of a hijacking.  I won’t, … Continue reading

Dalat – A special place in my heart

First there’s the Romeo and Juliet mountain … I am a sucker for romance and Dalat is a romantic, if kitschy, city. It’s main lake, Ho Xuan Huong, is named after Vietnam’s most famous erotic poet, a lady scholar. It’s next most famous attractions are the Valley of Love, popular with honeymooners, and the Lake of … Continue reading


A gift for your friends! Learning to Fly is FREE on Amazon THIS WEEKEND ONLY\ Pay nothing to download the book In Sydney and Melbourne : From 5.00 pm Saturday June 8th to 4.59 pm Monday June 10th In Perth :  From 5.00 pm Saturday June 8th to 4.59 pm Monday June 10th In … Continue reading

Critiquing Can Make You a Better Writer… and Person

If you critique other writers work, your own writing improves. Everyone knows that. But can critiquing make you a better person? In my experience, it can. See my guest post at Joe Bunting, The Write Practice. This is a great community for anyone who’s serious about practicing their craft in a safe community. I’m proud … Continue reading

A conversation across hemispheres – Kathleen Caron interviews me

My friend Kathleen Caron, who blogs at {full of life} soul food, interviewed me this week. The secret of giving a good interview is the questions. Kathleen is great at reaching out and getting to the heart of the matter. What I discovered in the interview is how strongly I feel that despite our differences, we’re … Continue reading


We’ve moved on to Stage 2 of the Singapore Conversation. We’re talking about specific issues regarding Singapore identity and culture now. Here’s my 2 bits’ worth: A Singapore identity must evolve organically. It’s not about flags and the national anthem. It’s about the lives we live, who we are. It’s about Singaporeans creating a body … Continue reading