Towards to a kinder gentler Singapore OR What I learnt today practicing graciousness, compassion and kindness

I’ve been thrilled to pieces by Minister of State Lawrence Wong’s comment at the country’s first National Kindness Conference, that a common thread amongst participants of the Singapore Conversation Dialogues is the desire for a society that is anchored in values – in particular graciousness, kindness and compassion. Yes, Minister! In fact I was so … Continue reading

What the maids and foreign workers get up to AND why I’m not appalled

I’ve been mooning about quite abit in our neighbourhood park recently.There was the mid-Autumn blog series and my looking for inspiration from  the trees, the fresh air and of course the moon. And then there was my grand-dog, whom we get to dog sit whenever my daughter and son-in-law are away. Both imperatives necessitated lots of  … Continue reading

Goodbye Moon:

Well, the mid-Autumn festivities have come and gone.  The moon’s shrinking ing again.As it goes away, I’d like to share this lovely poem by Sarah Monagle –  a  mom, writer, counselor, photographer, traveler and brain tumor survivor  – who blogs at I’ve been inspired by her poetry sharing of her ups and downs. She’s got a great … Continue reading