Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no?

Advent – Mary said yes, what about those who say no? Well, life is beautiful, and life is hard. Should we err on the side of supporting someone, or judging her?

Coming to Grips (3)

Those who leave, come back. That’s what the old stories say. You didn’t come back though. Not physically anyway.

Coming to Grips (2)

Coming to grips. Learning to grieve. No tears isn’t well done. It’s unnatural. But it’s too late. What emerges are mis-shappened hollows; still-born children incapable of crying out…

Coming to Grips (1)

Coming to grips with death

SWF 2000 takeaway from U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K Smith

U.S. poet laureate Tracy K Smith plans to position her broad and diverse readership at the periphery of her next discourse. Singapore Writers Festival, in conjunction with the US embassy in Singapore, had the privilege of hosting 2017 US poet laureate Tracy K Smith at the ongoing 2020 festival. The wide-ranging conversation with Lawrence Ypil … Continue reading