Mid-Autumn: Why on this night?

Finally, 15th day of the 8th moon – Mid-Autumn Festival.  The moon a beautiful yellow orb. The moon cakes set out with tea. The children traipsing around the garden with their lanterns. The children want to know why. Why on this night we eat these pastry crusted cakes. Why we walk around with lanterns. Why we … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn: A Singapore politician’s lesson in moon watching

13th day of the 9th moon of the year of the water dragon.It’s raining again. Unless the weather changes, catching sight of the mid-autumn moon this year looks like an “iffy”  affair. Of course, whether the moon’s fat or thin, covered in cloud or hidden by rain, still it’s there circling above us. It’s just a question of … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn: When words fail, open the windows and breathe…

                12th day of the 8th moon in the year of the water dragon … and what a watery day it’s been. I woke up to a drizzle. By mid-morning, we had a windy hard plopping equatorial deluge.  The storm tantrummed itself out by tea-time, but now it’s hazy. … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn: Moon in Clouds

11th day of the 8th moon in the year of the water dragon. Tonight it was cloudy. When I first went out to the park for my after dinner walk, I couldn’t see the moon at all. But by the time I was done, an hour later, there it was. A slightly bigger than half … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn: The Best Season of Your Life

10th day of the 8th month of the dragon year – a busy buzzy sort of day running around delivering Mid-Autumn gifts to friends and associates.  Something new this year, we’re distributing fresh fruits and flower teas, not the usual fatty cakes! Finally sitting down to my own cup of tea now and a quiet stare … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn: Sun and Moon

The 9th day of the 8th month of the year of the Water Dragon, 4709. The sun  burnt today. And tonight the moon glowers. The one following the other reminded me of the great opening lines to Basho Matsuo‘s haibun – the Narrow Road to the Deep North. Here they are: Oku no Hosomichi “The moon and sun … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn – New Moon

After that rant about mooncakes, I’ve decided to leave them be in the refrigerator and feast on the moon instead, with a cup of tea, a piece of poetry and all of you… 8th day of the 8th moon of the year of the Dragon. We start with the verses of the most unaccomplished – mine. Photo Credit: http://www.roschdeshnewmoon.com … Continue reading

Mooncakes – A better way to do it?

Photo Credit: http://www.chinatownconnections.com Today is the 8th day of the 8th moon of the lunar calendar; seven more days to the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Already my fridge is packed. We’re contrary creatures, us humans. Too much of anything and it becomes worthless. I like mooncakes. I do appreciate the good thoughts and well wishes, but … … Continue reading

5 Reasons why I left America OR What matters most to me about Singapore

                  I’ve been waiting and waiting for that invitation. But, it hasn’t come. Yet. I mean that invitation to attend some forum or other, where I, a citizen of Singapore, can participate in THE Singapore Conversation. Notwithstanding that last week I wrote – “I am my own homeland, every other piece of paper about … Continue reading

September 11: 3 different perspectives

FROM SINGAPORE: On September 11, I was twelve time zones away from New York, watching the NYSE on my Bloomberg screen in the study. Suddenly the minute to minute chart of the S&P futures began to fall. Then it flatlined. I dialled my trader in downtown Shenton Way. “There’s a rumor that the World Trade Center‘s been … Continue reading