Xinjiang before the guns

We went to Xinjiang because our then eight year old wanted to travel the Silk Road.  In the days of Empire,  Xinjiang was the first stop outside China for pilgrims and traders.  Now, in the era of the People’s Republic, it is the last province before the steppes and republics of Central Asia. In Xinjiang, the water tables … Continue reading


We do this and we do that. We go here and we go there. But we’re never full, we always want the next experience. We can’t seem to set down our bones and rest. Not until… What do you hunger for? What will give you rest? ___________________ I have … Walked the Long Wall Viewed the Heavenly … Continue reading

A mystery

The significant other and I support a community program for poor children in the Mekong Delta. Sometimes it feels like we’re spooning up the East Ocean – we have hope, but still it feels impossible. This poem was written at a particularly hopeless moment. Has this ever happened to you? What kept you going? Do … Continue reading