Do you wonder how writers write?

The #mywritingprocess blog tour is going round the world asking writers to answer questions about their writing process. Writer and traveller Patricia Storbeck – who leads the kind of life I sometimes dream of— has just taken part in the tour. She’s an intrepid brave woman who’s not afraid to bounce back from personal losses … Continue reading

If this had happened to you …

I’ve been moved and paralyzed since I stumbled upon “Intended Consequences“, a multi-media presentation by Jonathan Torgovnik. The world has a way of intruding into my writing.  I’d planned to write a sequel to my novel As the Heart Bones Break. I’d intended to focus on a female character in the first novel  and set the story in the refugee … Continue reading

What if your kid was too obedient?

This week’s offering is about an insect experience. It’s inspired by my fellow tribe-writer Kath Unsworth, who hates spiders and highlights what !unfortunately might happen when a parent demands unquestioning obedience from a kid! Another snippet from The Unguided Missives of Katie and Zoong (one of my works in progress): DO NOT DISTURB Do not disturb Not on any account … Continue reading