“THE” New Year’s round the corner

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Lunar New Year’s coming up on Friday 31st January. As you all know, I got stuck a little trying to start 2014. But, the Green Horse Year is coming in at a galloping pace and I’m all ready to catch it and hop onto the saddle. Heart Guy’s … Continue reading


Living in cramped quarters in the city, most children in Singapore don’t have many opportunities to interact with wild life. This was so even when I was a young child. Back then, chancing upon a bird’s feather would be a big thing. Believing in magic, we’d hide these found treasures between the pages of our … Continue reading

More missives from Katie’s and Zoong’s haphazard upbringing

Here’s one from Zoong writing from a green fog – Some family facts we’d rather you didn’t know 😉 It’s great that Youngest discovered this stash of irreverent dribble. It brings me back to those other days, when Heart Guy, Oldest, Middle Son and I were much much younger. And oh so irreverent! Have you … Continue reading

Stepping out of the box

I’m stepping out of the box. The last three nights I’ve had nightmares. They were all related to one of my two WIPS’s – the one about a detective solving a series of ritual cannibal murders. I needed saving from my own imagination! Youngest was the rescuing hero. Digging around the store-room under the staircase … Continue reading

Who are you to write about it?

I’m defending my right to write about the “other” on Caroline Allen’s Art of Story Writing blog. http://artofstorytelling.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/who-are-you-to-write-about-it/ Caroline is a writing coach with an interesting approach to releasing and allow our creativity to bubble out. Her online writing course is starting in February. Do go over there to see what she’s all about.

Did Mary get stuck between Xmas and New Year?

I’m feeling a little blue We’re in the 2nd week of 2014 and I should have made and tossed at least a dozen New Year resolutions by now. But I’m stuck. I’m not ready for 2014. Not yet. 2013 was a good year The book got done and sold out. I know … I know … Continue reading