If this had happened to you …

I’ve been moved and paralyzed since I stumbled upon “Intended Consequences“, a multi-media presentation by Jonathan Torgovnik. The world has a way of intruding into my writing.  I’d planned to write a sequel to my novel As the Heart Bones Break. I’d intended to focus on a female character in the first novel  and set the story in the refugee … Continue reading

Syria… September 11… Why they matter to me

I live in Singapore,  7,800 kilometres away from Syria and 15,400 kilometres from New York City. I’m black haired and under five feet tall. I don’t have an American accent or a navy blue passport, so its unlikely I’ll be shoved overboard a ship or thrown off a plane in the event of a hijacking.  I won’t, … Continue reading

A Singapore Thanksgiving – The Monday before

It’s a boat person’s festival that’s why… When we lived in the US, it was a public holiday, an opportunity for far flung too busy friends and relatives to get together. With memories of the war and of hunger still stalking them, my husband’s people commemorated this American migrant feast with the solemnity of ancestral anniversary days. … Continue reading


Image Credit: TS Rogers I had a nightmare about pacmen shooting at me; they were shouting – Resistance is futile! resistance is futile.   Clearly the product of a fevered brain that’s spent too much time trying to write both the fall of Vietnam and September 11th into the same chapter!  I needed a break. This is what came out … Continue reading

Xinjiang before the guns

We went to Xinjiang because our then eight year old wanted to travel the Silk Road.  In the days of Empire,  Xinjiang was the first stop outside China for pilgrims and traders.  Now, in the era of the People’s Republic, it is the last province before the steppes and republics of Central Asia. In Xinjiang, the water tables … Continue reading