Caught in the rain!

Be careful what you wish for. Nothing is a perfect circle. That’s life. How we wished for rain the week before! A deluge of blessed beautiful water would put out the fires in Sumatra and  wash down all the smog particles floating in our air. It would put to rest our worries about the haze returning once … Continue reading

A Singapore Thanksgiving – Should we be content with small blessings?

This is a city of small blessings Some say this with disdain. But what’s not to love about buses and train systems that more or less work, even if they’re  stuffed to the gills; water that comes out of the faucet drinkable; drains that drain 360 out of 365 days a year. In November the rains … Continue reading

Flash of Lightning

Like any other big city, you can’t ever find a taxi at rush-hour in my city. And of course the buses don’t move when there’s gridlock. That leaves the trains. I don’t take the trains much. I don’t like the feeling of being stuffed into a metal container like a sardine. But I had to the other … Continue reading