Flash of Lightning

Like any other big city, you can’t ever find a taxi at rush-hour in my city. And of course the buses don’t move when there’s gridlock. That leaves the trains.

I don’t take the trains much. I don’t like the feeling of being stuffed into a metal container like a sardine. But I had to the other day, when the monsoon was falling hard. And behold – I experienced magic!

Just shows, the divine is everywhere. One just has to be aware.

When have you had a glimpse of the divine while running from here to there? Share it, leave a comment.

A flash of light
Cuts the vertical of the rain

It might have been a thunderbolt
So suddent it came

An oriole
Its orchestra
The rain

Technical fault three minute stop
Interlude on the six c-clock commute

Through three degress of separation – weather, windowpane, work wearied bodies so tired we don’t hear

Whistling up the wind

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