Writing – A mirror to our selves

We all need mirrors to see ourselves.

Without reflection, we are just unconsidered action and reaction.  It’s only when we sit and stare, that we see what we’re made of, how we’ve made ourselves.

Writing is a great mirror for reflection. Words staring us in the face bring us face to face with what we’ve done, what we are thinking, what we hope will happen.

reflection who am I

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When we write four things can happen:

–        We recover our origins.  Writing about our families, the places we remember, the events we’d rather forget, we recover what we’re made from. Our very fundamentals.

–        We learn what we don’t want and don’t need.  We can see the foolishness of our obsessions. We can write away our anger and regret. We can write forgiveness, for others and our selves.  We can rant. We can rave.  We can rid the ourselves and the world of what irks us.

–        We discover our treasures. We see on the page what we ache for, what we cannot bear to lose. We discover our loves, familiar but seen anew in the words we pen.  We affirm ourselves and all that’s best in our lives.

–        And we can make believe.  We can put on new personalities, try out different lives. We can dream. We can make new worlds!

Hoang Mai Pham’s blog www.hoangmaipham.com/about/  is a wonderful example of what happens when a doctor starts to reclaim her heritage and begins to write about her childhood and the “pretend” world in which she hid her fears and sorrows.

And anybody can write.  Really.

Joe Bunting, who hosts the website www.thewritepractice.com provides great prompts from starting writers.

And if you’re too shy to write about yourself, then write a pretend story!

Joe Bunting’s new book LET’S WRITE A SHORT STORY, which you can buy on www.letswriteashortstory.com, will inspire and guide you down that path.

You never know what new worlds the words will lead you to…

Go on let your fingers move over that keyboard. Start by leaving a comment.

p.s. I don’t get any royalties from Joe Bunting. He’s just another goodie from the universe that I want to share!!!

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  1. oddznns says:

    Thank you for your likes. I loved your blogs too and I hope you’ll want to follow me.

  2. oddznns says:

    Thank you Mai. Keep going with Keeper of Stories. Missed it while you were on vacation.

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