All about lingering at damyanti’s

It’s coming up to the end of October, to Halloween and all things ghostly and lingering. What better time to share some scary good tips about writing haunted house stories, gleaned from the best haunted house classics.

Reviews are coming in, but we need more…

Proceeds of The Ash House will be shared with the abused domestic workers shelter at HOME. We’re aiming for 100 reviews or ratings to move our Goodreads visibility up to the next level, and help with sales. While we’re getting up there in little steps, it would be nice if we could go faster. So please… Every little bit helps. Do download a Free Digital ARC and leave us a rating.

Books I Read: A Different Kind of Unease

Two chilling books about the exercise of power in an administrative state

The words are back!

High summer, it’s time to chirp again. Yes, I’ve been silent. Blame it on the new thriller (which is proving difficult), or the fact I’ve to take care of the house now after leaving it to an excellent helper for nearly 18 years, or too much time on airplanes and cruise-ships, or just a lack … Continue reading

Nine Cuts – Book of the Year?

It’s nice, better than nice! Nine Cuts, my short story collection, has just been nominated for “The Asian Books Blog Book of the Lunar Year.” Do take a gander over there to see what it’s all about and VOTE. Wish me luck 😉      


Sending my writing out into the world has always been heart opening and humbling, in equal measure. With Heart Bones, it was no different. When it went into the world, I steeled myself for criticism and non-understanding. I also opened myself to affirmation. I’ve been touched by the fan letters that came back saying I’d … Continue reading

Do you wonder how writers write?

The #mywritingprocess blog tour is going round the world asking writers to answer questions about their writing process. Writer and traveller Patricia Storbeck – who leads the kind of life I sometimes dream of— has just taken part in the tour. She’s an intrepid brave woman who’s not afraid to bounce back from personal losses … Continue reading

Immensely grateful to be a daughter of Singapore

It may be unfashionable but I’m shouting it out anyway –  It’s good being a daughter of Singapore. It’s something to be immensely grateful for. I had flown from the Little Red Dot to the North Eastern USA for a wedding and then a book reading in Virginia. Unexpectedly, my country offered me a launch in their … Continue reading

Reading in Myanmar: They were five

No pictures, just some words describing a scene while waiting for a flight in the domestic terminal at Yangon Airport. They were five Off the plane Crossing the airport hall In jungle green In control – the tallest A  ranger hat slouched over his head Protecting a face already turned to stone On the right flank – the … Continue reading

Stepping out of the box

I’m stepping out of the box. The last three nights I’ve had nightmares. They were all related to one of my two WIPS’s – the one about a detective solving a series of ritual cannibal murders. I needed saving from my own imagination! Youngest was the rescuing hero. Digging around the store-room under the staircase … Continue reading