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We do this and we do that. We go here and we go there. But we’re never full, we always want the next experience. We can’t seem to set down our bones and rest. Not until…

What do you hunger for? What will give you rest? ___________________

I have …

Walked the Long Wall

Viewed the Heavenly Mountains

Crossed the Great Australian Bight

My mouth has …

Tasted of sprout and vine and fruit and flower

Drunk from the spirits of creek and river, rock and sand


Sipped the brine of great oceans from oysters pulsing in their shells

My flesh has  …

Dipped in sulphur pools and whirling waters

Rolled in sandalwood and aloes, gardenia and night jasmine

Suffered birch beatings, coconut scrapings and burning by lime and ash

All that money can buy

All that time can spend

All to satisfy

The lust of the eye …

The craving of the body …

Yet there remains

A hunger in my soul …

To see your face

To touch your touch

O god my god!

2 Responses to “Hunger”
    • oddznns says:

      Sounds like you’re hungry on that 21 day diet!!!
      A good tip if you’re missing carbs is to soak brown unpolished rice at room temeprature for 22 hours (this releases the enzymes… you may have to change the water once). Then cook it like a begetarian risotto or paella. It’s chewy, tasty and you feel FULL afterwards.

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