For Lent I’m giving up words!

I know I’ve not been present for ages. The excuse was my new MS. But, for the last 3 weeks, that’s been set down too.

I’ve given up words for Lent. The hours I’ve set aside for writing have been dedicated to contemplation.

Silence, that’s what I’ve been sitting with. And I’ve been rewarded with peace, calm, an unbelievably beautiful quiet joy.

I’d always thought Lenten journeys should be morose and burdened. This unburdening of past regrets, future fears, senseless babbling worries has given me a whole new perspective on how to prepare for Easter. It’s been a gift.

For those who want to know more, try reading that old classic on Christian contemplation: The Cloud of Unknowing.

Meanwhile, I’m going back to sit in that cloud.


Until Easter …

6 Responses to “For Lent I’m giving up words!”
  1. Mamie says:

    Thanks Aud for bringing a new perspective – an unbelievably beautiful quiet joy – to the season of Lent.

    Till Easter Sunday then!

  2. What a good idea. I’m enjoying your book …

  3. So lovely to hear from you Audrey, I know when you are absent it is usually because you are busy creating something amazing. I imagine this quiet peace that you have found will be beneficial to all areas of your life. Enjoy the serenity and wishing a very peaceful day.

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