Sometimes Music is Better …

My father sent this to me. It’s simple, some might say hackneyed. I think it’s beautiful and it’s true.

If you believe that we’re all the same under the skin, listen to what this young girl’s saying with her amazing voice.

Jackie Evancho – Singing “That You Hear the Cries and Listen to Each Prayer”

Have a wonderful week ahead.

9 Responses to “Sometimes Music is Better …”
  1. Just gorgeous, she sings like an angel.

  2. Wow Audrey she is an old soul, with an amazing voice. Loved it thanks for sharing I liked it on my facebook page

  3. qiquan says:

    Sometimes I think the adults have lost the better soul of a child.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      What a beautiful phrase KC. Maybe you can start a poem about this…

      • qiquan says:

        I do jot down a lot of things from commenting, I often say that the World is a mirror that you and others are my image that I see and observe in order to understand myself :). If I make a comment, I want to know if I can give, and through giving that I am getting too.


  4. Maretta says:

    Awesome! Incredible voice and moving prayer.

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