If You’re a Vietnamese Woman in Singapore then You Must Be…

Actually you’re NOT. You’re Monique Truong – An award winning American writer and you’re discovering something new about how an American woman of Vietnamese descent might be perceived in this Little Red Dot you’re visiting for the first time. In the first of this series on Vietnamese Artists in Singapore I interview Monique Truong, the award-winning author … Continue reading

Writing – A mirror to our selves

We all need mirrors to see ourselves. Without reflection, we are just unconsidered action and reaction.  It’s only when we sit and stare, that we see what we’re made of, how we’ve made ourselves. Writing is a great mirror for reflection. Words staring us in the face bring us face to face with what we’ve … Continue reading

Rejection sucks … Let’s get rejected!

Life gives us enough rejections. No point getting more than our fair share of hurt. Why go looking for grief? If you do, you might be pleasantly surprised, Jacqueline Boone tells us in her wonderful blog on Rejection Therapy at http://6monthstolive.me/rejection-therapy/ If we don’t ask, we don’t get. Because we fear rejection, we don’t ask … Continue reading

Anyone Can Be a Poet…

Including me! One of my readers, Joe Bunting asked me to do a guest post on writing poetry. I could only respond in the same way my Peranakan auntie did when I asked her how she concocted her heavenly sambal udang belimbing –  she made me watch while she cooked; I watched myself as I began to string … Continue reading