This Palm Sunday I didn’t go to church

On Palm Sunday, the church commemorates the triumphant entry into Jerusalem of a would be king who would ultimately be killed for daring to say he was the son of god.  Most years, on Palm Sunday, I go to church, pick up my palm leaf and wave it along with the crowd. Most years, on Palm … Continue reading

Immensely grateful to be a daughter of Singapore

It may be unfashionable but I’m shouting it out anyway –  It’s good being a daughter of Singapore. It’s something to be immensely grateful for. I had flown from the Little Red Dot to the North Eastern USA for a wedding and then a book reading in Virginia. Unexpectedly, my country offered me a launch in their … Continue reading

A Singaporean Identity – Constance Singam, the epitome of true grit

For me, Constance Singam the Singapore feminist and civil society activist, is the epitome of true grit Brought up in a patriarchal South Indian Catholic household, almost promised off to a Kerala Indian boy in the next village when she was twelve, married for love soon after her first job to an older man and … Continue reading

Mid Autumn Spotlight on Marina Bay Sands

Sarah Pannir’s spotlighting Marina Bay Sands today, the Mid-Autumn Festival I campaigned against this casino development. Since its completion, we’ve had more problems with addicted gamblers, under-age commercial sex and tourists who drop in specially to commit crimes in our suburban housing estates. But, Sarah is right. Like any seductress, Marina Bay Sands is beautiful and beguiling. … Continue reading

A conversation across hemispheres – Kathleen Caron interviews me

My friend Kathleen Caron, who blogs at {full of life} soul food, interviewed me this week. The secret of giving a good interview is the questions. Kathleen is great at reaching out and getting to the heart of the matter. What I discovered in the interview is how strongly I feel that despite our differences, we’re … Continue reading

A Singaporean Identity – A Singaporean Malay Muslim woman shows up to make a difference

My friend, Saleemah Ismail, showed up in my life in 2003 when she became a volunteer at the Singapore chapter of Unifem (now renamed UN Women). She went on show up in regional women’s affairs, spearheading Unifem’s advocacy work for trafficked women in the region. As President of Unifem Singapore between 2006 and 2011, and … Continue reading

White paper – Its not about 6.9 million, it’s about hearts

The debate about the  Population White Paper has unsettled me It’s the week before the Lunar New Year. Normally, this is my time for trimming our Vietnamese mai trees, baking pineapple tarts and Indonesian layer cake, getting my popiah filling ready for the family re-union dinner on New Year’s eve and arranging the flowers and … Continue reading

Is population growth a Ponzi scheme – my take

It’s a good question. A friend sent around this thinking point as a response to the population white paper released today. It’s the title of a paper by Joseph Chamie in The Globalist, written on March 04, 2010 (appended below) Personally I think Mr. Chamie’s paper is a bit of a rant. But, his question raises 2 valid points: (1)    … Continue reading

One-on-one with a Punggol Voter

There have been a slew of comments on why the Punggol by-elections turned out the way they did. I’m not going to add anything to the debate with more theory. Instead, I’ll offer a conversation with a Punggol voter, a flash-back to a one-to-one we had on cooling off day. Madam T. has lived in a 3 … Continue reading

Three Things Those Foreign College Students Can Give Us

IT MAKES YOUR BLOOD BOIL DOESN’T IT? The number of university spaces we’re giving to foreign students from South East Asia? The fact they’re getting loans with better terms than our local kids? It isn’t fair, I’ll grant. But, it’s not the students’ fault for wanting to better themselves. And if the schemes are there, … Continue reading