What if your kid was too obedient?

This week’s offering is about an insect experience. It’s inspired by my fellow tribe-writer Kath Unsworth, who hates spiders and highlights what !unfortunately might happen when a parent demands unquestioning obedience from a kid! Another snippet from The Unguided Missives of Katie and Zoong (one of my works in progress): DO NOT DISTURB Do not disturb Not on any account … Continue reading

It’s Sunday: Tiger Moms and Cubs need rest too

On the 7th day HE rested. I need a rest. So does my kid. It’s been a little too much – the travels, the back-to-back meetings the week after, all those posts I just had to get out about the trip, the extra coaching I’ve had to give Youngest (who didn’t learn about words till … Continue reading

More missives from Katie’s and Zoong’s haphazard upbringing

Here’s one from Zoong writing from a green fog – Some family facts we’d rather you didn’t know 😉 It’s great that Youngest discovered this stash of irreverent dribble. It brings me back to those other days, when Heart Guy, Oldest, Middle Son and I were much much younger. And oh so irreverent! Have you … Continue reading

15 delectable dishes from Urbane

Where did July go? It’s been more than half a month since I last posted! It’s more a case of where I’ve been, I guess … In Queensland, the beautiful North East Australian state just a helicopter skip from the Great Barrier Reef. The scenery is to die for. Glutton that I am though, this first … Continue reading

How my garden welcomed me…

I love that coming home feeling, especially those first hugs and hellos. Husband and Youngest Son always seem dearer after I’ve been away from them for some time. And then there’s my bed. There’s nothing more wonderful than collapsing into its familiar embrace, the way the mattress cradles my bones in just the right way, … Continue reading

I am my own homeland

I went out for lunch with two old  colleagues –  one I’d kept in touch with recently, the other I hadn’t met for years. They were retired fund managers like me, people who had reckoned economic policies and scenarios in upsides and downsides, dollars and sense. It surprised me when, on the way back to … Continue reading