Heart Bones reviewed at Stories Worth Sharing

Thank you for the review Mirel Abeles. Mirel writes at Stories Worth Sharing and her stories are definitely worth reading. Find out more about Mirel’s stories here: http://storiesworthsharing.net/category/my-writing/ And yes, her review for Heart Bones is here: http://storiesworthsharing.net/as-the-heart-bones-break-by-audrey-chin/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+storiesworthsharing%2FTEjm+%28Stories+Worth+Sharing%29

All change – I’m a writer!

“I’m a writer.” Not a corporate steward who writes in her spare time, not a dilettante dabbling with words, not an empty-nester who needs to express in an amateur way … No, it’s time to put away those phrases that belittle my craft, indeed my mastery of that craft. Yes, I am a writer. Plainly… Simply… Boldly… Paralyzingly… A writer! I have … Continue reading