Singapore budget 2013 – Be careful what you wish for, you have to live with it

Singapore’s 2013 budget certainly tries to give Singaporeans what they’ve been clamoring for: Stricter limits on foreign labour, carrots and sticks to increase local productivity, a more progressive tax structure, more measures to cool house and car prices. But when we get what we ask for, we also get the consequences: The devil’s in the … Continue reading

White paper – Its not about 6.9 million, it’s about hearts

The debate about the  Population White Paper has unsettled me It’s the week before the Lunar New Year. Normally, this is my time for trimming our Vietnamese mai trees, baking pineapple tarts and Indonesian layer cake, getting my popiah filling ready for the family re-union dinner on New Year’s eve and arranging the flowers and … Continue reading


I’ve been accused of being Pollyanna! All because I said yesterday that Singaporeans shouldn’t objectively be as unhappy as we say we are. I’m not going to take back what I said, although I’ll concede that Singapore isn’t an easy place to live in. Going through the Gallup questions myself, I can see how many Singaporeans didn’t say … Continue reading

9th May 2011 – What’s next

This letter was sent to ST Forum on 9th May 2011.  It is a commentary on the many letters and  articles in the press concerning what the PAP would have to do following the 6th May 2011 election, when the PAP encountered an unprecedented amount of anger and discontent.  Itwasn’t published.  Nonetheless, ideas need to find voice somewhere.  Hence this posting. … Continue reading