What if we don’t need saving from original sin?

Thoughts after reading Danielle Shroyer’s Original Blessing: Putting Sin in its Rightful Place Original sin is a big deal in conventional Christian circles, a huge hurdle for modern day seekers to clamber over. Even I, a practicing Catholic and professing Christian, find the notion uncomfortable. Indeed, the premise we’re all born fundamentally faulty and so … Continue reading

Sarah says – Yes! I’m a Christian Feminist (reblog)

Christianity and Feminism should not and are not at odds. Here’s a great affirmation about Christianity and Feminism from Sarah Bessey at She Loves Magazine http://shelovesmagazine.com/2013/reclaiming-feminist/  

Memoirs of a kampung girl – a follow up

Dear Readers, I love that you’re commenting But please! Don’t use the comments section as a soap box for your anger. I was so moved by Sharon’s prayer for her country, Malaysia, in A Leaf in Springtime that I reblogged it here a few days ago. I’ve received a comment which consisted only of a link to another URL. … Continue reading