A conversation across hemispheres – Kathleen Caron interviews me

My friend Kathleen Caron, who blogs at {full of life} soul food, interviewed me this week. The secret of giving a good interview is the questions. Kathleen is great at reaching out and getting to the heart of the matter. What I discovered in the interview is how strongly I feel that despite our differences, we’re … Continue reading


We’ve moved on to Stage 2 of the Singapore Conversation. We’re talking about specific issues regarding Singapore identity and culture now. Here’s my 2 bits’ worth: A Singapore identity must evolve organically. It’s not about flags and the national anthem. It’s about the lives we live, who we are. It’s about Singaporeans creating a body … Continue reading

Earth Hour – What we can learn from Myanmar about switching off

In Myanmar, they’ve been switched off for 50 years. It makes for a slower pace of life and a more crafty approach to manufacturing. Don’t let’s talk about productivity though…    


It’s February already and I haven’t thanked you all enough for your support of Oddznns –  for dropping by and commenting, for your ‘likes’ and your ‘rants’. Your involvement helped me to grow in my writer’s journey and to discover that words do help. Writing has allowed me to reach out to you with my thoughts and musings. I’ve … Continue reading

Awaiting Mid-Autumn – New Moon

After that rant about mooncakes, I’ve decided to leave them be in the refrigerator and feast on the moon instead, with a cup of tea, a piece of poetry and all of you… 8th day of the 8th moon of the year of the Dragon. We start with the verses of the most unaccomplished – mine. Photo Credit: http://www.roschdeshnewmoon.com … Continue reading

Writing – A mirror to our selves

We all need mirrors to see ourselves. Without reflection, we are just unconsidered action and reaction.  It’s only when we sit and stare, that we see what we’re made of, how we’ve made ourselves. Writing is a great mirror for reflection. Words staring us in the face bring us face to face with what we’ve … Continue reading

Anyone Can Be a Poet…

Including me! One of my readers, Joe Bunting asked me to do a guest post on writing poetry. I could only respond in the same way my Peranakan auntie did when I asked her how she concocted her heavenly sambal udang belimbing –  she made me watch while she cooked; I watched myself as I began to string … Continue reading