A Father’s Day Reflection on Family, Citizens and Office Holders

When the first Facebook posting of the Lee family’s disputes appeared, my interest was piqued. Then came the ripostes from the Prime Minister and I became confused. It’s a veritable reality TV show now and I’m alarmed. As with all developments in life, including our national life, this is an opportunity to learn.  It is … Continue reading


FROM CASTIGATING THEM TO LOOKING AT OURSELVES I confess. I too decried  those activities of those university students. How could they even think it was okay, asking freshment to re-enact a rape, using a simulated climax as a forfeit? What was wrong with them? That was last week. Over the week end, an uncomfortable realization has … Continue reading

The words are back!

High summer, it’s time to chirp again. Yes, I’ve been silent. Blame it on the new thriller (which is proving difficult), or the fact I’ve to take care of the house now after leaving it to an excellent helper for nearly 18 years, or too much time on airplanes and cruise-ships, or just a lack … Continue reading

Nine Cuts – Book of the Year?

It’s nice, better than nice! Nine Cuts, my short story collection, has just been nominated for “The Asian Books Blog Book of the Lunar Year.” Do take a gander over there to see what it’s all about and VOTE. Wish me luck 😉      

Birthday dinner in the dark

For the last few years, Heart Guy and I have taken to celebrating my birthday in Vietnam. Birthdays are about celebrating the “newness” of life. Every year therefore, we try to experience something new, be it a part of the country we haven’t visited or a cuisine we haven’t tried. One year, we squatted at a … Continue reading

Heart Nine Cuts has been reviewed by Yeo Wei Wei

Yeo Wei Wei has just reviewed my short story collection Heart Nine Cuts in The Straits Times Book Page. Here’s the review: ———– The theme of hunting appears in epigraphs scattered through the volume. Hunting for stories in dark places is one way to summarise Singapore Literature Prize shortlisted novelist Audrey Chin’s collection of nine short stories. … Continue reading

I’d asked. I’d been told. Now what am I going to do?

Because I asked for an Hermes lookalike, she told me the story. IThey were made by little children, supposedly no more than 9 or 10. “Because their hands are better for delicate work,” she told me. She added, “But they’re always wanting to go out to play. To keep them still, the factory owners fracture a leg … Continue reading

40 years on, where are the young ones in VN headed?

On 30th April 1975 the young men of America came home from war. Forty years on, in the Little Saigon’s of America, the end of that war is still commemorated as a day of mourning. And in that place across the vast ocean, where the blood of other young men and their fathers and old women and their daughters, has … Continue reading

This Palm Sunday I didn’t go to church

On Palm Sunday, the church commemorates the triumphant entry into Jerusalem of a would be king who would ultimately be killed for daring to say he was the son of god.  Most years, on Palm Sunday, I go to church, pick up my palm leaf and wave it along with the crowd. Most years, on Palm … Continue reading

For Lent I’m giving up words!

I know I’ve not been present for ages. The excuse was my new MS. But, for the last 3 weeks, that’s been set down too. I’ve given up words for Lent. The hours I’ve set aside for writing have been dedicated to contemplation. Silence, that’s what I’ve been sitting with. And I’ve been rewarded with … Continue reading