The Ash House: Advance Review Copies are here

The Ash House, will be released on 15th August. The cover’s been revealed. The advance review copies are ready. Now, all we need is your eyes and time, to help the story venture into the world.

This story featuring a clairvoyant nun, who must uncover the secrets of an enigmatic pipa-playing spirit to save a haunted merchant family and their century-old ancestral home is a classic Asian-gothic mystery and you can easily enjoy it at that level. But it is also much more . . .

Besides the ethereal spirit fighting to have her life remembered, we also encounter Girl, a young maid come to the city to find a better life. A character whose fate parallels those of the other flesh and blood women hovering in the backgrounds of our lives – the foreign domestic workers we hardly notice.

Girl’s story is the reason the book is dedicated to HOME – the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (, and why proceeds from sales will be shared with them. But we will need a ton of review on Goodreads to generate the necessary pre-orders and sales.

Will you offer a pair of eyes and some time to help?

If your answer is a yes, do click on to sign up for a review copy. And then, leave a review here on goodreads.

HOME and I will be deeply appreciative.

Terima Kasih, thank you!

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