Coming out of hibernation – paralyzed

Yes, I know.
I haven’t been around much.
I must confess I felt a little tired after Heart Bones came out.
That was October last year, almost 12 months ago now.
By the time I was done with the Myanmar, Washington DC and Virginia reading appearances in March
I was exhausted.
So … I’ve been hibernating.
Taking a good long break from publicity and promotion.
Hiding out at my desk working on another story.
You’ve seen me online, some of you.
A like here. A small comment there.
I just haven’t had energy for more.
I’ve felt good being invisible and unseen.
Being that other, mother, corporate, do-gooding
September 12th
I was kicked awake!
 As the Heart Bones Break Banner Congrats
It’s great news. It’s affirming to be recognized.
I’m chuffed no end
… I think
I’m struggling to put these words down.
I’m facing a wall of resistance.
I’ll finally have to tell people I’m a writer.
Yes! Me!
I’m paralyzed.
What can I do about it?
God knows.
As tor the next WIP?
The words are stuck.
I’m knitting a blanket and making rag rugs instead.
What’s happening
10 Responses to “Coming out of hibernation – paralyzed”
  1. Welcome back, Audrey and CONGRATULATIONS! No need for words, these will do. And rugs will be good underfoot, they’re practical.And presumably you’re enjoying making things – your brain is churning as you do it. Words will come when they are ready.

  2. Mamie says:

    Congrats Aud!! Yes you!! A writer!!

  3. Ann Stanley says:

    Congratulations, Audrey! You so deserve this, As The Heart Bones Break is an amazing novel, written by you. Take it in and take your time crafting your writing.
    Sometimes we feel pressured to write fast, but I doubt the best and deepest writing comes out of that place, so let your next novel simmer and know that the time to finish it will come.

  4. Congratulations! Own it – you are a writer.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Thank you so much Jay. Writing this has cleared some blocks for me. I am still trying to own it. Maybe I should stop hugging myself so tight. There’s something here I can’t quite point my finger on … Something scary.

  5. Mamie says:

    Ann, you are so right. And when the time is right, the words will just flow.

  6. Audrey congratulations I am so happy for you. You have worked really hard and your next book will be as inspiring as Heart Bones because you are such a talented soul. Nice to see you back and I wish you peace and happiness.

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