Stepping out of the box

I’m stepping out of the box.

The last three nights I’ve had nightmares. They were all related to one of my two WIPS’s – the one about a detective solving a series of ritual cannibal murders. I needed saving from my own imagination!

Youngest was the rescuing hero. Digging around the store-room under the staircase yesterday he discovered my old leather art-portfolio. Stuffed in it were some illustrations I did for the two older children. They were meant to accompany a series of doggerel I’d written for them.

Well, it’s always better late than never. And they sure make a difference from a detective reading a cookbook about cooking people:(

The one up there in the picture is the first – A Missive from an Unguided Upbringing.

What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts …

2 Responses to “Stepping out of the box”
  1. Audrey you are brave writing about cannibals…. I love the short piece…Katie and her brother stuck with each other and I would love to see it as a picture book of course.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      I’d say the thing with the cannibals is my “dark side” emerging. It’s going to be an exploration of the underside of migration and the food industry in Singapore. But I got overwhelmed by the nastiness that my fingers started spewing from the keyboard. It reminded me of what happened to my mother-in-law when she got advanced dementia. She started using words that no one thought she even knew! It really rattled everyone. I will get back to the novel. In the meantime though, I’m going to just do a week of missives from my 2 older kids unguided upbringing.

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