Mid Autumn Spotlight on Marina Bay Sands

Sarah Pannir’s spotlighting Marina Bay Sands today, the Mid-Autumn Festival

I campaigned against this casino development. Since its completion, we’ve had more problems with addicted gamblers, under-age commercial sex and tourists who drop in specially to commit crimes in our suburban housing estates.
But, Sarah is right. Like any seductress, Marina Bay Sands is beautiful and beguiling.

People say Singapore is a workaday efficient city bereft of charm. On this weekend, when all Formula One Racing fans have eyes on our lighted up night race, when Justin Bieber‘s coming to town, when the mid-Autumn moon’s looking down on it all — here’s a different more bling side of my country.

Gawk and enjoy!

6 Responses to “Mid Autumn Spotlight on Marina Bay Sands”
  1. Thanks for the reblog Audrey! Glad you enjoyed the post! Singapore definitely is becoming more cosmopolitan by the minute! 😀

  2. hokhanh25 says:

    Wow. This makes we want to go to Singapore. All I thought you could do there was shop and eat!

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Thanks Khanh. Viet Nguyen of USC will be here next summer he says. I realize that I ought to spend more time writing about Singapore. I’m not into the glitz but did you know there’s a special temple that performs marriages for ghosts? That’s where the inspiration for that new novel Ghost Bride comes from. You got to read that. Can’t remember the author though.

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