What’s in a title? Your opinion please…

What's in a title?

What’s in a title?

A title can make or break a book.

Imagine if The Great Gatsby was actually published under it’s original title Trimalchio in West Egg! Or William Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury was launched as The Sentimental Education of Frederick Henry???

Well, that novel I’ve been working on and off on for 15 years is finally with the editor and it’s time to worry about the title. Can you help please? 


If you didn’t know anything about the story, which title would tempt you to pick the book up?

Heart Bones
Where the Heart Bones Lie
Beneath a Bone White Moon
A Circlet of Bone?

Now, skim the synopsis below. After knowing what the book is about, would you pick a different title?

Somewhere on the Mekong Delta, sometime after World War II, a woman is raped under the autumn moon. The rapist takes away her bone bracelet to remember her by. Eight years later a man returns to the same house to visit a boy who is asked to address the stranger as blood-father… The blood-father is a Viet Minh guerrilla fighting for Vietnam’s independence against the French. The boy is torn. He already has a father, the Chief Clerk at the French provincial offices. Which of these fathers should he give his heart to?

Many years later in California, an aerospace engineer contemplates a different autumn moon and celebrates who he has become. He has settled his allegiances, those he publicly espouses and those he continues to hide. There is nothing to regret about his choices and his life with his American-Vietnamese trophy wife, not even his socially awkward genius of a son. He has outrun the wars in his life, laid to rest his guilt over what happened one April night. He is at peace. Or so he imagines….

Do send in your votes. I would really really appreciate them. Thank you.

And if you want updates on how the book’s going, just CLICK HERE

32 Responses to “What’s in a title? Your opinion please…”
  1. Maretta Emery says:

    My 2 cents….Where the heart bones lie

  2. I still like Heart Bones. Beneath a Bone White Moon implies romance to me.

  3. After reading the synopsis I came up with this just another spin on it
    The Heart of Bones
    something about heart Bones still grabs me most out of the ones mentioned. good luck with it Audrey

  4. JoanJoan says:

    My first choice was Beneath a Bone White Moon, but I have to agree with Kathleen – it implies romance. I also like Heart Bones.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Joan, lots of people like Bone White Moon… but it does imply romance. A Bone Dead Moon on the other hand might be really off-putting. It’s not easy is it? Thanks for the input… I’m going to tally up the results.

  5. annepeterson says:

    I actually liked Kath’s rendition, The Heart of Bones. I’m excited for you Audrey.

  6. Denise Berry says:

    Congratulations! This is great news. I liked Heart Bones at first but after reading the synopsis, now I.would.choose Where the Heart Bones Lies

    I can’t wait to read the entire story.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Hi Denise… Everyone seems to like Heart Bones but … yes something is missing… So, we’ll keep pegging at it. I’ll send you the galleys once we get them. Happy for you to post a review then.

  7. Joe Bunting says:

    Heart Bones

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Thanks Joe. By the way, are you eligible to write a ‘blurb’ or do I have to put you in the acknowledgements. I’d be really honoured if you can do a blurb.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Thank you Beca… Appreciate your dropping by. What do you think of Despite these Heart Bones? Heart Bones seems to sit like a sack of exotic blue potatoes. I’d like a bit more hope…

  8. storiesworthsharing says:

    Heart Bones. Of course that could be because I’m used to it already…
    But I think it’s more enigmatic than the others, which also seems to fit your synopsis.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      I’m taking that on board Mirele. So many of you like Heart Bones. Do you think Despite these Heart Bones is more hopeful? My brother says all the titles are hopeless and he want’s some hope.

  9. I like Where the Heart Bones Lie, after reading the synopsis.

  10. Heart Bones works for me. Simple, intriguing, makes me want to know more…

  11. Peter DeHaan says:

    To be honest, none of the titles — by themselves — would cause me to buy the book; sorry. If they were coupled with a great cover, I might be tempted.

    Although this isn’t what you asked for, what about “The Bone Bracelet” as option six?

    I don’t mean to be contrary, but for what they’re worth, these are my thoughts.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      All thoughts are worth something! Would it be the cover Peter? Or would it be the blurb??? I’m looking for honest thoughts. Contrary is good because it triggers side-steps. Thank you for dropping by!

      • Peter DeHaan says:

        Audrey, that’s a great question! Sadly, I don’t know what would make a great cover — only that I’d know it when I see it. (Even when I have an idea for a graphic, my designers always do something different, which is much better. That’s why I stick to words!)

  12. historyagain says:

    I would choose Where the Heart Bones Lies. That is the title that would make me want to read the book (and I do want to read the book).

  13. Audrey Chin says:

    Hi Jay… Thank you. Given what everyone’s thinking … Would you NOT read it if it was Heart Bones? Waiting to hear.

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