Do you think Blogging Awards are just another Ponzi scheme? Not me!

Blogging Awards – Just Another Ponzi Scheme?

If I were a cynic, yes. But I’m not!

I’m a Pollyanna.
I believe  that words help to bridge differences.
I really really believe in celebrating achievement.

So here’s my thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award
and my tribute to the versatile bloggers I admire


I’ve just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award
Kath Unsworth at Miniscule Moments (

Kath is a hugely talented artist and writer who trained as a graphic artist, lives on a dairy farm and writes beguiling children’s stories. She’s also a wonderful photographer. Her blog Miniscule Moments celebrates the small, the momentary and the usually unnoticed. Do go over there to check out her wonderful ability to capture that which we usually walk past. I’m so happy that such an observant soul is saying I’m versatile, not scatty!

Thank you Kath.

As a condition of receiving this award I’ve to:

(1) Share 7 things about myself that people may not know;
(2) Give the away 
to up to 15 bloggers and link to them; and
(3) Comment on their blogs to tell them of the Award. 

So… here goes. I won’t be offended if you don’t have the time to send the love onwards but just know your blogs have inspired me, and you all all versatile for different reasons.

Seven things about me people may not know 

1 – I’m so terrified of networking at cocktail parties I spend most of the time hiding in the fancy ladies rooms fiddling with my face.
2 – I hate jogging and will childishly tantrum if you make me run more than 300 yards or metres.
3 – Despite appearances to the contrary, I’m really a 6 foot tall red-head called Aethlereda! Or so I dream on…
4 – I have a phobia of birds flying overhead. I’m convinced they all have a touch of the runs.
5 – Half my friends think I’m a finance person who’s only interested in the investment story.
6 – The other half of my friends think I’m a quirky writer who’s only interested in stories.
7 – I’ve got my heart in my mouth because Marshall Cavendish is launching my 2nd novel Heart Bones, about a Viet-Cong spy re-invented as a California engineer, in September;)

Versatile bloggers I admire

I follow these bloggers because they do wonderful things combining words and pictures, being at home in different cultures, or juggling work and life!

Here’s my top xxx list

1 – Yi-Ching Lin who captures her life in poetry and pictures at Yi-Ching’s verses, which arrive in my mail box every day, move me with their power and her photographs always show me corners of NYC that I’ve missed.

2. Calvin N. H of The Plaid Bag Connection, Calvin leverages off his identity as a Californian-American-Chinese-Vietnamese sociology student into his blog, a powerful combination of visuals and text providing telling documentation of the migrant experience.

3. Khanh Ho of, a Vietnamese American professor of English who comments about being Vietnamese, American and Mormon! Who contributes to Huffpost! Who’s writing a Los Angeles Mystery a-la-Khanh Ho. His multi-faceted perspective on life always challenges.

4. Cynthia Dagnal-Myron at A woman of colour, a music critic, a teacher, a member of the Hopi, Cynthia is versatility embodied and her posts about her life and ideas reflects this diversity.

5. Qiquan at is a bi-lingual poet who writes in both Chinese and English. His beautiful poetry, deftly rendered in both Chinese ideographs and English words always make me pause a moment, to just be.

6. Christa Sterken at, a wife, a Christian, a mother, a writer, a crafter. Christa’s daily posts display the breadth of a life lived with truth and integrity.

7. Janelle at, homeschooling her 3 boys and her husband, writing moving moving commentary about the world we all live in.

8. Jacqueline Boone at, a traveller, a film maker, a woman who’s not afraid to try new things on the premise that we all should treat life as if we’ve only 6 months left. Who knows after all, when we’ll call it a day.

9. My friend Kathleen Caron at She’s a multi-faceted jewel with a gift for reaching out to all kinds of different people; a mother of 3; a wife of course; a manager at a non-profit for African kids; a mean mean cook. Her posts are always a surprise. Recently, she’s been talking about music. Me… the tone deaf. I’m learning something new again.

So yes! Who knows when we or someone up there will call it a day for us.  Before this happens, let’s learn something new, look at the world a different way. If you have more than a minute do drop in on these versatile bloggers I love.

10 Responses to “Do you think Blogging Awards are just another Ponzi scheme? Not me!”
  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks so much for including me, Audrey! Love your passion and determination!

  2. Audrey Thanks for the kind words, will have to check some of these sites thanks, you really are my inspiration.

  3. qiquan says:

    I think I have a heavy meal today, for following a few more good blogs recommended in this post. Thank you!

  4. Janelle says:

    You are kindness in words, Audrey! I know I would love you to pieces if we were blessed to ever meet. Thank you for the honour.

  5. christhy77 says:

    Congrats for the nomination!

  6. Thank you Audrey, I am so honored to be included, you are far too kind. And no, I don’t think blogging awards are a Ponzi scheme, I think they are a wonderful way to pay tribute to one another and recognize each other’s efforts. So glad I got to know you through Tribe Writers, you are such a blessing to me, and always an inspiration. You have encouraged me as a writer so much.

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