How my garden welcomed me…

Our very own backyard beauty

Our very own backyard beauty

I love that coming home feeling, especially those first hugs and hellos.

Husband and Youngest Son always seem dearer after I’ve been away from them for some time. And then there’s my bed. There’s nothing more wonderful than collapsing into its familiar embrace, the way the mattress cradles my bones in just the right way, how my pillow sinks just right and neither too soft nor too hard.

And of course there’s my garden with its banana trees, custard apple, sapoche, lemon grass, chillies, turmerics and gingers. It’s a blessing being able to lay claim to a bit of ground here in The Little Red Dot. I do so appreciate having this plot of earth and the surprises it produces.

This week, I came home to find one of the banana trees keeled over the back fence, nicely bent in the middle. At the other end, hanging precariously over the canal that runs behind our property was a giant bunch of bananas. Needles to say Husband, Helper and I lost no time scurrying out back to rescue the bananas before gravity sent them into the canal.

We decided to clear out some of the younger banana shoots after cleaning up after the bananas. That’s when we discovered treasure! About two years ago, I’d stuck some Torch Ginger tubers (Etlinger Elatior) into the ground in the corner between the banana suckers and the Plumeria. Nicely neglected, it had sprouted enormous leaf stalks and 3 ginger flowers. Beautiful isn’t it? What a lovely welcome gift from my very own home-ground.

What do you look forward to, coming home after some time away? What was the best welcome home gift you’ve received? Do share. Leave a comment!

13 Responses to “How my garden welcomed me…”
  1. That flower is so beautiful, it’s unreal! I can’t imagine how pretty your backyard must be with the banana trees and other flowering plants. when I go away, I miss my dear little neighborhood, that feels like an oasis in a crazy world. It’s a comfort just to turn off the main road into the canopy of trees and feel like I’m home.

  2. Audrey Chin says:

    Yes Kathleen, there were 3 of them. Imagine! They just blew me away. I left two in the ground but had to cut one for the house.

  3. Mc says:

    Lovely ginger flower indeed!

    My welcome home is the exuberance of my 2 Labradors – as my nephew once described them – “looking at them jumping up and down, I feel like a rock star”.

  4. christhy77 says:

    Whenever I travel, I miss my local food, my teh tarik, and the simple joy of sitting at a coffee shop with shorts, t-shirts and slippers. Being able to be myself defines home.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Yes, home is where we can be ourselves. In this globalized world the ability to find home in our bodies regardless of where we are may be might become the new “state of being” to aspire to. What do you think?

  5. When I’ve been away, a good meal and hearty hugs from my wifey and two kids are what I most look forward to 🙂

  6. Good to be home I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Sydney and to see the mountains unfold in front of me, leading me back to the green pastures that I call home was comforting. I love finding little surprises in the garden too Audrey, small blessings in a chaotic world, just like your words.

    • Audrey Chin says:

      Welcome back Kath. Was there anything special you found in the garden. I wish I had an eye for birds like you do but my eyesight’s never been great and the little critters move too fast. But plants… well, you know how much I love them.

      • The garden is in slumber mode the early frosts are doing what they do best killing everything off buckling down for a cold winter this year Audrey and enjoying the spring from afar

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