It’s February already and I haven’t thanked you all enough for your support of Oddznns –  for
dropping by and commenting, for your ‘likes’ and your ‘rants’.

Your involvement helped me to grow in my writer’s journey and to discover that words do help.

Writing has allowed me to reach out to you with my thoughts and musings. I’ve been enriched by your sharing both on the blog and off the blog. We’ve connected.

In celebration of the magical ability of words to help build bridges to people who may be scattered by geography and fractured by time ODDZNNS is now SOMETIMES WORDS HELP.

The renaming is particularly apt because I’m also changing as a writer. At the end of 2012, I joined tribewriters.com, a writing community where I was pushed to reveal more emotion in my work than I’d ever done before. I’ve learnt to be more open, more daring, more
willing to share my feelings.  I’ve decided I’m no longer going to be one of the “unemotional
Singaporeans” the Gallup Polls talks about.

“Sometimes Words Help” a collection of verses to accompany your heart on it’s journeys, is my first toe-dip into the depths of feeling. Inspired by tribewriters.com, in particular two fellow creatives Kath Unsworth and Chris Morris, this little e-book is my Valentine’s Day gift for all of you, a thank you for your support this year.

To sign up for Sometimes Words Help and my monthly newsletter, do enter your email on the sign up button to your right.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and send it along to those who walk the heart’s journey with you.

Have a wonderful February!

10 Responses to “ODDZNNS is now SOMETIMES WORDS HELP”
  1. Audrey, I got your e-book yesterday and read it right away. It is exquisitely beautiful, a precious gift. The verse, the photos, everything about it is transporting. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. qiquan says:

    There is nothing particular wrong for Singaporeans to be unemotional, it is better than countries with rich cultures to be arrogance.

    So my wish for Singapore is not to follow on aspects that people want us to change, but to lead a way in life that people will admire.


    • Audrey Chin says:

      HI Qi Quan, you are right that there is nothing wrong with Singaporeans being unemotional if that’s how we are most comfortable. We should not follow on aspects that people want us to change simply for the sake of following. Sometimes though, people say things that strike us as true, and then we should change. Personally, I have been feeling the need to be more connected to my heart. I think you, with your beautiful heart felt poetry, would understand that.

      • qiquan says:

        You have more experiences in life than me =). Like you, I have lived in many places in the world for the last 9 years (apart from Singapore and Malaysia), and I found that every country in Europe has their unique way of living and lifestyles, and attitudes, and funny enough still quite a lot of (Western) Europeans do not understand each other well. These diversity really have an impact on me.

        I am not saying that we do not care about comments from others, but that Singaporean needs to find a value that to achieve for themselves and their children. If we focus on leading a way of good lifestyle rather than follow each step of what people are telling us, we can achieve more.

        I am just being lucky, to be born in the paradise in Borneo, and to have such lovely parents (gone), and sisters, all of them are contributing to my learning in life. I think to be able to connect to our heart is a very brave thing, everyday I am asking myself what I do right, and what I do wrong, do I treat everyone equally (every race, worker, professional), am I afraid to lose face? I feel that everyone, good or bad, is a test to me, in gaining the wisdom in life. Just my opinion =).


      • Audrey Chin says:

        From what I can see in your poetry, I think you’re going along really well;) And yes, connecting to our heart requires a lot of courage. Something I am only discovering at age 55!

      • qiquan says:

        Funny that I always think that, hey, my eldest sister has 12 more years than me to be with my parents, and I am just 38 and I lost my parents! If I can choose, I would prefer to have 12 more years with them than in realising some wisdoms in life earlier. I think that’s how adversities in life often comes with wisdoms if we listen to our heart. I believe every one has a story book to tell about their life, and I am sure if it is not ended yet, the story can still have an interesting chapter. =).


  3. Mel says:

    Privilege to read your words Audrey, and to join in your journey – even if virtually!

    I like your new name – so true 🙂

  4. Audrey Chin says:

    Thank you Mel. I’m doing a blog roll of South East Asian originated writers and poets. May I put your site on my blog roll.

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