8D7N All Taiwan -What I really got out of it

DSC00714After all those markets, all that scenery what I really took away from the 8D7N was simply this –

What’s our’s

The areca clad hills scrolling past the windows
The marbled gorge
The fertile land
We can’t own it

Nor even the hours
Half drugged on tour guide prattle

Haggling and buying
Clicking away
We pass time
Otherwise wasted
Gathering images, tastes, pumpkin seed biscuits, pineapple tarts,
Bean cakes already mouldy…

What’s really ours?

The alley in moonlight your hand in mine
A shared bowl of dumplings sticky and sweet
A ying-yang ocean seen through the mist

One Response to “8D7N All Taiwan -What I really got out of it”
  1. kathunsworth says:

    I want to walk down that alley in the moonlight too.

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