Goodbye Moon:

Photo Credit: Sarah Monagle

Well, the mid-Autumn festivities have come and gone.  The moon’s shrinking ing again.As it goes away, I’d like to share this lovely poem by Sarah Monagle –  a  mom, writer, counselor, photographer, traveler and brain tumor survivor  – who blogs at

I’ve been inspired by her poetry sharing of her ups and downs. She’s got a great eye for seeing the world through.

Through this mid-Autumn, I’ve been musing about how the moon comes, and goes, and yet always is.  When I read Sarah’s blog, I’m reminded that being is also temporary, and that we should grasp our hours,and make the best of our days (and moony nights).

Moon by Sarah Monagle

Run away with me, the moon
is waiting. She follows me
knowing what no one else does.
She tells me to be silent, and listen,
and I do. She whisper in blue
piano notes strung together
like a sonata echoing across the water.
When I am still, she wraps me
tightly, in a blanket of secrets.
She is always calling to me –
come here, come here, come here,
with her gentle face and soft voice,
and so I go. Run away with me.
The moon is waiting.

If you liked Sarah’s poem, go take a look at what else she’s got going on her blog –



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