Better Communication with Emergenetics Profiling

Are you constantly misunderstood at work?  Does your boss think  you’re too emotional?
Do you think he’s too into the nitty-gritty?  What’s with everyone at the office? What’s with the clients?
Should you change jobs?

You’ve always been able to get yourself across with your friends and family. Why isn’t everyone on the same wave length anymore?


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Communication is a two way process.  People have different thinking and behavioural preferences and hence different modes of communications.  Chances are everyone in your office has their own preferred communication preference. In short, some of them like to quack, others to cluck,and the rest to sing . Perhaps  you’ve been speaking duck to a chicken.Emergenetics Profiling can help!

I ran into Emergenetics Profiling at a small financial planning company I bought stakes into.  They were the nicest people I’d come across. Everyone there seemed to ‘get’ me. And the office was a haven of harmony.

Too good to be true? A bunch of con-artists?

It seemed, they were committed users of Emergenetics.

Displayed prominently at every desk was a circle divided into four pie-sections showing the occupants Emergenetics Thinking Preferences.  There were four colours:

–        Red indicates a preference for social thinking

–        Yellow is for visionary conceptualization

–        Blue shows a need for objective analysis

–        Green is a liking for structure and process.

The CEO showed me his circle. It was about 1/3 red and 1/3 yellow. The remaining third was mostly blue. There was only a tiny sliver of green.

“Yellow, I’m a visionary,” he said. “I love the big picture, the bright future.”

“Red, I’m a people person,” he added. “When you talk to me about a project I want to know whether my clients will like it, how juiced my staff are about starting it.”

He looked at me. I hadn’t done the test.

“I’d guess you’re a blue. You like hard facts and data. You want proof of concept. And you’re probably green too, you’re into nitty-gritty, the steps we need to get to arrive at the end.”

“When I want to get you on board, I can’t sell you the big idea, the feel good factors. I need numbers, references. I need a project plan with milestones.”

He grinned and pointed to the sliver of green on his profile. “Project plans with milestones aren’t my strong point.”

Then he showed me the deputy CEO’s circle. She had lots of green and a fair amount of blue, some red, not much yellow.

“She’s my right hand woman. She makes up for what I don’t have. And since we both have red, that’s our common ground.”

In this office, you first figure out who you’re talking to and then you speak the appropriate language.  If you walk up to your colleagues desk, you’re expected to communicate using his preferences. If he’s a read, you talk social even if you’re a green.  When he comes to your desk, he has to talk structure and rules like your green.   No wonder I felt they “got” me. They’d figured out a way to tell a duck from a chicken and to speak duck to a duck and chicken to a chicken.

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WOW! I went online and got profiled right away Now I know why eyes used to glaze over when I talked research.  I know why my interns thought I was Mrs. Nitty Gritty (in Singlish Mrs. Ngiao).  I know why I keep getting appointed to Audit Committees. I’m just extremely blue and green. I’m also immensely yellow I found out. I love ideas and the big unknown. And almost no red …  It means I tread over people’s feelings. Oops!

I’m not ashamed of my blue or green. It’s helped me tremendously in my career. But, nowadays I stop to think about how the other person may prefer to relate with me. I stop to think how I might be affecting them. I try to be more red.

EMERGENETICS dramatically improved my communications..

You can find out more at

P.S. They charge for the profiling. I don’t own shares in the company and I don’t get paid anything if you use it. It’s just a service I’ve found incredibly useful.

If you do get profiled, do share how useful you found it. Leave a comment.

7 Responses to “Better Communication with Emergenetics Profiling”
  1. Mamie says:

    So this is a self-awareness tool to help in one’s developmental journey? I can’t imagine looking at colleagues’ circles to determine how I should be talking to them. I can certainly see how harmony will rule in the office, but will the art and human nature of dialogue and conversation be lost through this process?

    • oddznns says:

      Wow! This is a super red comment. Any “reds” out there want to address this issue.
      All I can say redwise is that I hear your concerns about losing “realness”. But I think it’s more about trying to get the best out of ourselves rather than being fake. (How’s that for trying to be empathetic).
      Back to modes I’m happier with…
      My blue would say “But it works, you want me to give you examples? Why don’t you try it and see the actual effects?”
      My yellow would go “It’s such a cool new idea.” My deeper yellow would say, “Hmmm that raises interesting ideas about what the nature of the self is and whether it’s lost when it communicates in different ways.”
      As for the green, it would merely nod, “If that’s one of the rules of engagement in this office, so be it.”
      Which of my answers did you like better? In the end, they ARE all me. Just speaking differently.

    • oddznns says:

      Hi there. This question is really good and has prompted lots of soul searching. I think the short answer is that I see the circles as a doorbell… to ask for entry into a conversation. The art and human nature of dialogue and conversation won’t be lost with this tool. Instead, if we use the right doorbell, the other person’s door will open. We get into conversation and with time, we become accustomed to each other, discover who each other is, and then, even to speak each other’s language.

  2. 7038643g says:

    Hi all, I am the CEO of that financial planning company that oddznns was talking about. For us in our firm, when we take the special effort to communicate to each other’s thinking preferences (without changing the point we are trying to make), it shows empathy, sincerity and selflessness. We understand that all of us are wired differently. Even though it may not be the way I prefer to communicate, I put you first and deny my preference. It shows that I care for you enough as a team member to communicate your way. And because we put up everyone’s preferences on that cubicles, and we are encouraged to speak to each other this way, there is no “fakeness”. Instead, it shows how genuine I am, in wanting to reach out.

  3. Teo SG says:

    Like your article!

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