If Dogs Can Say Grace…

Photocredit: dogsintouch.com

My father has decided to say Grace after 50 years of not doing so.  The reason he’s started again is a video someone sent him of dogs putting their paws together before chowing down. If dogs can do it, so can he!

Everyone knows that  dogs can be motivated to do almost anything for a good meal.  It’s a Pavlovian reflex and nothing to do with God.  Still, God works in mysterious ways to answer the hunger of our hearts.  If a video of Pavlov’s dogs can prompt an 83 year old man to once again give thanks, why begrudge the old man his thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a gift that keeps giving.  To have blessings we can be thankful for, to have hearts that recognize our blessings, must ultimately lead to thank you’s not just to a higher being or to fate, but to those who’ve blessed us with their being.

On this first day of the New Year then, thank you everybody!  Husband, parents, children, brothers, sister, in-laws, friends, business associates, social activists, writing companions … You have all blessed my life, made it better, made if richer, made it more varied.

On this special day, I also want to especially thank the organization World Vision, who in it’s mission to  “Do something for someone” rescued a bunch of Vietnamese refugees on the high seas 33 years ago, saving the life of the man who now shares my life.  For an inspiring message on how “Doing something” can bear fruit we may never be aware of, please click on the following link for a short video of that rescue and a reflection of how life could have been different for one of the 4 years olds who was also rescued. http://vimeo.com/27361439

In our KPI, output oriented, bean-counting world what is it that we can do today for someone that cannot be seen, cannot be measured, yet may bear much fruit?

3 Responses to “If Dogs Can Say Grace…”
  1. Mamie says:

    Did I spot correctly Mr M in the video?

    I really cannot imagine how all these people survived the journey – u hear abt such journeys but to actually hear and see the plight of one little boy’s memories really brings home the harsh realities of life, impact of governments’ policies, and the immense power of God’s grace.

    I like your ending …. Ala Fr Soh – ending with a question to reflect on.

    Happy new year, my dear friend and God bless you and your entire clan.

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