Advent: Do miracles happen?

I spent the second week of Advent on a silent retreat in Chiangmai contemplating the mystery of God From delicata77.livejournal.combecoming man. It’s a crazy notion if you think about it with the eyes of reason, as outrageous as the idea of a virgin birth or the fact that a single crucifixion can redeem a whole world from sin. It all depends, I realized, on what eyes one sees with. How we see is as much a conscious choice as it is grace bestowed.

In the poem below, I’ve tried to imagine how Christmas might have been different, if Mary had chosen to see God’s messenger one way rather than another.

Mary? Mary?

When the Angel Gabriel comes to ask
What does Mary say?

Alone in the old man’s house
eeping company with the sawdust
Dreading the dusk

A girl in her situation
Odds are infinity to none God’s messenger might come calling

She takes what she’s offered
– The city slicker gilded and groomed
– The glitter of the next town
The thirty pieces of silver
She lets him have his way
Come what may …

Odds are infinity to none a girl might find herself in such a situation
God’s messenger waiting

She says yes to what’s given
The Holy Spirit in all his glory
The Messiah baby in the manger
Her beloved Son hung up upon the tree
His Will be done
Come what may …

For better or worse
Damnation or salvation
Her answer’s given
Her choice is made
Come what may …

2 Responses to “Advent: Do miracles happen?”
  1. Vincent says:

    love the way “choice” is used…

  2. Joe Bunting says:

    I get this poem more now after your introduction. It’s such a mind trip. I like it.

    It reminds me of what Regina Spektor is doing in her song, “Samson.”

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